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The Bloody Decade

Support the International Tribunal on the Islamic Republic of Iran's massacre of political prisoners


Fact Sheet on the Status of Women in Iran

Information on the status of women in Iran


Human Rights Briefing on Iran

Download report here.


Fact Sheet on Gender-based Persecution

Information on gender-based pesecution faced by women in Iran


For a Free and Secular Middle East and North Africa

Support secularism and freedom in Iran and the region


Stop Tsunami of Executions in Iran

Join campaign to end executions


Save Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani from stoning in Iran

Join campaign to end stoning and save Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani


I would be executed in Iran if I did this...

Show your opposition to execution; over 130 offences punishable by death in the Islamic Republic of Iran


Join Iran Solidarity

Solidarity campaign to stand with the people of Iran


Support International Coalition for Women’s Rights

Campaign against Sharia law and in defence of equality, rights and secularism

Stand against gender apartheid

Gender apartheid, like racial apartheid has no place in the 21st century

Oppose stoning

Mark July 11 as the International Day against Stoning