The Coalition


Founding member organisations are: Children First Now; Equal Rights Now - Organisation against Women's Discrimination in Iran; International Committee against Stoning; International Committee against Executions; International Federation of Iranian Refugees; Iranian Secular Society; Iran Solidarity; and New Channel TV.


Children First Now


Children First Now believes society’s treatment of children is a measure of its humanity and freedom. The rights of the child take precedence over any national, racial, economic, political, ideological, and religious consideration or interest. The rights of the child are universal. To guarantee the well-being of any child, regardless of his/her family condition, is the responsibility of the society. CFN strives for the improvement of all the children’s material and intellectual conditions of life; for children’s well-being and free development; and for an end to any violence, mental or physical, against children. The organisation acts as an international campaign defending the rights of the child. It pressures governments and institutions concerned with children’s affairs; organises social campaigns; and raises awareness and mobilises public opinion.

Equal Rights Now - Organisation against Women's Discrimination in Iran

Equal Rights Now - Organisation against Women’s Discrimination in Iran has been established to promote women’s freedom, emancipation and equality between women and men in the social, economic and political arenas as well as to strive for an end to sexual discrimination. Equal Rights Now belongs to a vast social movement against sexual discrimination and oppression in Iran, which is daily gaining strength and momentum. Unifying, organising and strengthening this movement are immediate tasks for our organisation. Equal Rights Now also belongs to the international movement for the emancipation of women from all forms of inequality and discrimination; it depends on this international movement for its success.


International Committee against Execution

The International Committee against Execution works to abolish the death penalty in Iran and worldwide.

International Committee against Stoning

The International Committee against Stoning is a network of individuals and organisations united to prevent the implementation of stoning sentences and bring about the abolition of stoning. The Committee has declared July 11, the day on which in 2001 Maryam Ayoubi, an Iranian woman and mother of three children, was stoned to death, as the International Day against Stoning. This day was proposed at the International Conference against Stoning, held in Naples, Italy on September 26, 2003, and was endorsed by the conference.

International Federation of Iranian Refugees

The International Federation of Iranian Refugees (IFIR) is committed to organising the protests of Iranian refugees and asylum seekers in support of political and social campaigns which defend refugee and human rights; expose the Islamic Republic of Iran; reveal the progressive and modern character of Iranian refugees in contrast to usual negative and reactionary portrayals; create a progressive environment among Iranians abroad; and place this force alongside the progressive forces in their countries of residence. Established in 1990, IFIR is an international organisation with over 40 branches in fifteen countries world-wide. Each branch promotes IFIR’s mission in its own country of residence. Any individual/organisation who/which believes in IFIR’s mission can become a member and activist, as long as s/he has not been involved in the repressive forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran or former monarchy.


Iran Solidarity

Iran Solidarity has been formed to mobilise support and stand with the people of Iran against the Islamic regime of Iran.

Iranian Secular Society

The Iranian Secular Society has been formed to publicise the destructive effects of the Islamic government in Iran and contribute to bring about a secular society based on separation of religion from the state; separation of religion from education; prohibition of public funding of religious establishment; prohibition of violent religious ceremonies; equality of men and women in all aspects of life; safeguarding children under the age of 16 from religion; safeguarding all basic civil rights, including freedom of speech, thought, expression etc. and against religious intolerance.

New Channel TV

New Channel is one of the most viewed satellite TV programme in Iran and has millions of viewers. The programmes are mainly in Persian, but it also has programmes in Turkish, Arabic and Kurdish, and English. New Channel TV can be seen in the Middle East, Europe, and North Africa via Satellite.